Hello and Welcome!

I'm Mary Donné (it rhymes with Beyoncé) and I am "that Facebook Woman".😁

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Introducing Mary 

I am a marketer and advertiser based in Yorkshire.


I spent my early career with giants like McCann London, Channel 4, and Universal Studios. I now focus  exclusively on lead generation with powerful, creative, advertising. I am called 'that Facebook woman' as I've generated £££ worth of leads for businesses using those amazing ads. 

Why should you consider working with me?

  • You get the personal, local touch. You can speak to me pretty much any time you like, and it's only ever me who picks up the phone and answers your emails. I pride myself on closely knowing and understanding your business.  

  • You get honest, plain speaking advice about your ads and marketing. If something isn't working, I will always tell you.  I respect your time and money as I do my own. 

  • You get my 20 years advertising experience, skills, contacts, and savvy. 

Outside of work I live with my husband, children, and German Shepherd dog in York. If you're local to North Yorks you might know me from Young Enterprise where I've been a mentor and a judge, or as a coach at York RI football club. You can get to know me better on my social links dotted around this site. 


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