These are Some of the Questions I am Most Often Asked

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How much will online ads cost me?

This is one of those 'how long is a piece of string' type questions! It depends on a number of factors including: your product or service, the time of year, how much brand recognition you already have, the price of your product, the size of your audience and where they’re located, how many ads you want to run, your niche, world events (e.g. Pandemic) and Facebook’s own algorithm. Generally, about 20% of your budget will go on testing, and lion’s share on retargeting as this is the most expensive part of the ads cycle and the most powerful.

What platform is best for my adverts?

They are all different and it depends a lot on both your product and where you think your audience is. FB is normally best for higher ticket items and those which need more customer touch-points before purchase e.g. fine jewellery or professional services. Google ads are good for more generic, less expensive items e.g. pet products. IG works well with straightforward and very visual products e.g. food or make-up, but less so for services e.g. lawyers or coaches. Bing is surprisingly good if you wish to advertise in the USA. A really good campaign will utilise a mixture of both paid search (Google) and paid social (FB or IG). We can discuss this. 

Isn't Facebook over in 2022? Is it worth advertising on there any more?

It's certainly true that its growth has slowed - though you might argue that that is partly due to it already having market saturation. FB is now the world's 'third biggest country'! From an advertising point of view there is simply no other channel which will give you this level of reach, and super-precise targeting and retargeting, at relatively cost-effective prices. It's still a huge player in advertising. 

What sort of guarantees can you give me that your ads will sell my products?

I guarantee you the best ads for your product. Your ads are just one part of your sales funnel, and I have no control over the rest of it. There is always an element of risk with any sort of advertising or marketing investment which is why it is best suited to established businesses with a ring-fenced budget. 

What sort of Lead Generation is best for me if I don't have much of a marketing budget?

If you're not ready to run ads then I would suggest focussing on creating brand awareness and organic sales. You can do this with a good overall social media strategy. It will take longer but is much cheaper and relatively risk free.